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Finding work in New Zealand is not as difficult as many think. Most business sectors are experiencing ongoing skill shortages. If you are based overseas and wish to work in New Zealand, you firstly must follow the correct processes to ensure you have the right to work. You will then need to fulfil your visa entry conditions in order to work in New Zealand. Getting the right advice from the JTLP recruitment and immigration team is a straightforward process, especially if your skills are on the list of skilled, Green-list and essential shortages list such as Nurses, Engineers and Dairy farmers. We will help you every step of the way to ensure you feel supported and confident with your next position.

JTLP Management and Recruitment can assure you that all the job placements made are 100% professional. We make sure that all of the standard legal requirements for New Zealand employment contracts apply for overseas workers and we follow the requirements of the workers country of origin.

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